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Our Fall Garlic for planting Has Arrived!

Our delicious Fall garlic bulbs have arrived—and now is a great time to plant! We have two new varieties have hardneck garlic: Georgian Crystal Porcelain and Russian Red.

The Georgian Crystal Description: This Porcelain hardneck type will produce huge cloves (often equivalent to 2-3 cloves of many other garlics) and is a bit milder than Russian Red. Perfect for pesto-making and awesome to bake whole. Excellent storage capability.

The Russian Red Description: This rocambole hardneck garlic is named for its burgundy skin. It is said to have been brought here by Russian immigrants in the early 1900s. It forms 5-8 large, very plump cloves and stores well for six or more months. Fine, rich garlic flavor.

Gorgeous Daylilies for Sale!


Just to let folks know, I have some beautiful daylily divisions for sale. These are diploid and tetraploid hybrids that I have bred in the past. Though bloom-time is over, now is the perfect time to plant these exceptional perennials .

At this point I prefer to see “variety” packages of mixed colors with values of $25, $50, or $100 respectively. Let me know the colors you like, and I’ll take it from there. You can pick up your order at Nashua Farmers’ Exchange at a mutually agreed upon time. Your plants will arrive bareroot and labeled as to the color.

Please contact me via email at under the subject line: Judy’s Daylilies. This offer will be available now through the end of October. Supplies are limited.

Promoting Sustainability

Since 1991 Nashua Farmers' Exchange, Inc. has provided a broad range of products to meet the domestic animal, wildlife and lawn and garden needs of our customers. Our business had been in the family for over 20 years, but our roots go back 35 years. Knowledge and experience is our specialty, and we love to share it with you one-on-one.  We care deeply about our environment and constantly seek cutting-edge products that align with our philosophy of sustainability.  These are the very products that we use every day. So whether you are a novice or "well-seasoned", bring us your farming and gardening challenges, and we'll do our very best to help you solve them.  That's the way we live; that's the way we do business.


Lawn Seed, Fertilizer & Tools

Greater Nashua residents rely on our extensive expertise with both organic and conventional lawn care products. We’ll answer your questions and guide you to the most appropriate products and tools for a lush, healthy lawn.

Garden Supplies & Tools

We are farmers at heart with decades of expertise. From seeds to compost to tools for harvesting, we can fulfill all your gardening needs. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for opportunities to pre-order bare root plants and bulbs.

Domestic Animals

We supply the highest quality food, shelter and toys. Check out our selection of products for dogs, cats, rabbits, caged birds, chickens and horses. Choose from a wide variety of Blue Seal feeds which will keep that sparkle in their eye.