Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils. Oh My!

For us specialty animals include rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils. Again, our main concentration is providing the healthiest, most consistent nutrition for these cuties. That comes from Blue Seal.

bunny 16.jpg

Within their new Home Fresh line, Blue Seal has expanded rabbit food choices. Added to the original Bunny 16 Pellets are Hutch Extra 17 Pellets, Show Hutch Deluxe Pellets, all of which we stock. Let us know if you have a special need for Hutch Plus 18 Pellets, and/or Sunshine Pellets (the other rabbit products in the Home Fresh line), and we’ll bring them in for you. These formulas have many benefits that include chelated trace minerals to enhance the immune system, supplemental copper to help keep the gut healthy, and yeast cultures to improve fiber digestion.


Along with our Blue Seal rabbit foods, we stock Fiesta brand Timothy Complete Rabbit Pellets.


Blue Seal Guinea Pig Pellets contain many of the same ingredients as the rabbit pellets but with added vitamin C, required by these animals. These pellets are available in 5, 25, and 50 lb. bags.

We also carry Fiesta brand Guinea Pig food in small bags. We can order bigger ones!

For hamsters and gerbils we carry the Fiesta brand. It is a complete and balanced formula packed with many tasty ingredients.

Let us know if you can use a 50 lb. bag of Blue Seal Furry Friends Hamster/Gerbil food. Read about its yummy formula, plus the formulas of the above mentioned products at www.blueseal.com.

We have treats, toys, water bottles, hutch cups, salt spools, litter boxes, and more in store for your little friends. Hey, did you know some folks use our horse bedding pellets in bunny litter boxes?  Another important tidbit to know is that most of the year we are able to obtain locally harvested timothy “bunny bales” that are second cut, tender and sweet. They are smaller than regular sized bales, so they store more easily. Very popular!

Bunny bales are approximately 2' L x 14”W x 8” H.

Bunny bales are approximately 2' L x 14”W x 8” H.