Fertilizers for Every Need


 Though we specialize in natural and organic fertilizers, we do stock conventional ones such as agricultural, 5-10-10, 10-10-10, and 19-19-19. We also carry lawn starter and maintenance fertilizers by Jonathan Green and Greenview.

By far our claim to fame and our biggest seller is Blue Seal Safe ‘N Simple Lawn Food. Not to worry if your spreader tosses some into the vegetable garden or the perennial bed. It’s made from soy, alfalfa, and a little bit of fish- completely safe for you, your pets, and the wildlife. Blue Seal Safe ‘N Simple Weed Control is the perfect partner to this lawn food. Timing is critical *See Lawn Care Calendar for complete guidance. This weed preventer is made from corn gluten and is 100% natural, so it, too, is completely safe. An additional perk is that it is 9% Nitrogen by nature, meaning that it greens up your lawn while preventing any seed (weed or grass seed) from germinating.


Our next most popular line of fertilizer comes from Espoma. Their organic “Tones “ meet the needs of different crops- Holly-tone for acid lovers, Garden-tone for veggies, Flower-tone for vibrant bloom, etc.

You will find North Country Organics products, Ringer.