Pest in between inside and outside. . .

I bet you are wondering what “in-between” means. We define that as the exterior surfaces of your house. Have you experienced ladybugs swarming the south side of your house? We surely have, as we face due south. Boxelder bugs as well as hornets may also cause alarm due to their prolific numbers. These insects are truly a nuisance, as they are determined to find a nice, comfortable spot for the winter. We normally do not recommend spraying an insecticide, but if you must, make sure to test for stain damage in some inconspicuous spot. Some folks have had luck spraying a repellent, in an attempt to keep the insects from landing. Again, test for the stain factor. In all accessible areas, we just vacuum.

Once the cold weather hits, you won’t see much of these guys. Through the tiniest of cracks and crevices, many have already made it inside your walls. Eventually you begin to fight them inside. Hey, look on the bright side, maybe the voracious appetite of spiders will help!

However, a major concern in the warmer months is carpenter bees. They just love to drill holes in exterior facial boards and soffits. They are solitary, provisional bees that raise their young in these rather large holes. This is when spraying is necessary to prevent further damage. To make sure the situation is under control, use a permethrin spray followed by a permethrin dust applied directly into the holes.