Raise healthy and productive chickens!

Keeping backyard chickens isn’t hard when you have the right equipment and knowledge. Sign up for our newsletter for announcements regarding chick order forms and delivery.

You can order baby chicks from us in March and pick up in May. Some of our favorite breeds are New Hampshire Red, Barred Rock, Araucana, and Golden Comet.

Tips for winter chicken care:

Unfrozen water is most important! You can swap out waterers, or use a heated waterer. If you use a base heater it requires a metal waterer to transmit the heat. Need a heated waterer or base? We've got you covered.

Make sure your ladies have room to roost. It's how they keep warm! If a chicken is on the ground when you check-in at night, you need more space on the roost.

Give your chickens a toy--they get bored! This reduces pecking each other and keeps them happy. We like using a Birdie Bell filled with a cabbage head or other goodies!

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