Prevent Tick Bites & Lyme Disease


Deer ticks are active now, and this is long before their peak season in June. We suggest several lawn treatment options. Jonathan Green's Organic Insect Control is a combination of essential oils that kill on contact and also repel a broad spectrum of insects without causing harm to the environment. We also stock a ready-to-spray permethrin (attaches to hose) that kills insect pests and keeps working for 4 weeks.

Coleman's Insect Treatment for gear and clothing (not for direct contact with skin) is great for hiking and camping.  We also stock the original BugBaffler® insect protective clothing for adults and children which is a great solution for all outdoor activities.

Lastly, we carry natural insect repellents such as White Mountain Insect Repellent and Badger Anti-Bug Spray. If you are gardeners like us, please do a complete body check at day's end every time you work or play outside, and that's regardless of other methods of control. Stay safe!?