Winter Bird Care


It is very important to keep bird feeders filled this time of year, as our feathered friends depend on your food source when snow covers wild sources.  Also offering water is extremely important, as water is essential in the metabolic process of converting food into the energy required for birds to stay warm.  Remember that little chickadee will burn 10,000 calories in a 24 hour period in extremely cold temperatures!

We at Nashua Farmers' stock several models of birdbath deicers. We also carry heated birdbaths that can be deck mounted, and a "Four-Season' heated birdbath that sits on any flat surface.

We have recently spotted flickers and Carolina wrens at and around our feeders. These guys are basically insect eaters, thus making survival very challenging indeed.  We suggest offering dried mealworms, insect suet and sunflower hearts this winter.