Birds, Seeds, Chicks

Greetings Nashua Farmers' enthusiasts,

The new year isn't quite so new with January marching along. The 21st was certainly a high. The Pats win the conference title and are on their way to the Super Bowl (wow, what a game it was!).

To top off the win, I heard my first male cardinal territorial/mating call as I was hanging out the laundry. That's really early, as I usually don't hear that first distinctive whistle until February. The bluebirds were softly chortling among themselves in the close-by pines. They have been checking out the nest box in the vegetable garden off and on throughout the winter. These are certainly signs that spring is not far off.

Speaking of nest boxes, we have plenty to make many species delighted!.Some of the brands include Coveside Conservation Products, Enterprises of Garden Gate, Heartwood, Audubon Woodlink, Songbird Essentials, and more. Nesting materials, predator guards, and nest lifts complement our lines. And do we have bat houses? Of course, we do!

We have our early order forms for prepaid bareroot plants (that arrive in early April) ready for you now as well as baby chick order forms. See links on our home page to download order forms.

Three lines of garden seeds are here, and packets are already flying out. We have a marvelous display of High Mowing organic seeds for sprouting. Jars, lids and "how to" info accompany the seeds. Supplies for starting all seeds, heat mats, grow lights, and more should go a long way toward curbing cabin fever. That's it for now.

Judy Ratta-Harrington