Joy of Hummingbirds

We have experienced such joy in the shenanigans of our hummingbirds this season. What started out as a pair became a family of six. I have to fill my window feeder and my "Tweeter Totter" at least three times a day. It's been an aerial circus with siblings practicing maneuvers that remind me of the incredible skills of the fighter pilots in WWII. Gene and I are literally captivated by this and stop everything to watch. Yes, life revolves around these fascinating creatures when we're home. Who can resist becoming that statue to observe the nectar gurgling down the throats of the young 'uns.?

For the next few weeks (until maybe 9/10) we'll keep these little guys "tanked up" with Sweet Seed's Sweet-Nectar, the only one we know of with the essence of the wildflowers they love, electrolytes, and calcium. They can't resist it (everyone says so), and it readies them for their long journey ahead.

We hate to see them go, but there is always a consolation. The juncos will arrive before we know it. Meanwhile we'll enjoy the yin of the reddening of young cardinals, the yang of the tarnishing of the goldfinches, and the exhilarating soars of migrating broad-winged hawks. Oh, the season of change...

Judy Ratta-Harrington