May Happenings

May greetings gardeners and backyard farmers,

Backyard chickens

Backyard chickens

For those who have pre-ordered chicks, this is a reminders that they are scheduled to arrive May 10 or 11. We will call you as soon as we get them settled here. Please have your brooders all warm and cozy with food and water ready before you come to pick up your new babies.

We have 15 varieties of seed potatoes in stock right now. One can plant some now if you're a risk taker, but save most for planting May 15-20.

If black flies are driving you a bit nuts, try White Mountain Insect Repellent. It's formulated right here in Merrimack and is deet free (safe for kids and pets). Best of all, in the words of its originator "black flies hate this stuff"! 

We highly recommend Coast of Maine Penobscot compost/peat blend when planting new shrubs or perennials. It contains crushed mussel shells which are abrasive to root seeking hungry rodents and slugs who like to hide in the soil during the daytime and munch top growth at night.

Don't forget to place plant supports over established peonies now before they get too tall.

If you haven't fertilized your lawn yet this spring, a good time to do so is mid to late May. We love Safe 'N Simple Lawn Food. It's made from animal feed ingredients, so it is completely safe for pets and people.

We are now offering our once-a-year savings on 2 cu. ft. Cocoa Shell Mulch. We have a great price at $6.95 ea. Sale price ends May 21.

Kate Ratta