Fall Happenings

Greetings gardeners,


Almost all of our fall bulbs have arrived. We specialize in extra large, high quality bulbs which provide bigger, more vibrant bloom with real "punch". We mainly choose individual varieties that, when planted in clumps, give that visual impact we love. So get thinking about color, height, variety, and bloom time, as planning is important. Buy now while selection is best, but postpone planting until early October. We recommend this timing so that bulbs don't emerge in January when all foliage will be killed by freezing temperatures. Flower buds below the surface can also be severely damaged at this time. We look forward to seeing you and are here to help with all your questions.

As vegetable gardens wane, do spend time weeding. It helps so much next year! Seeding the garden with winter rye provides what farmers call a "green manure crop". It looks neat and tidy and green going into winter. Make sure, though, that it is turned under by May 10 or it will be too tall to manage easily. Another alternative (which we use) is a no-till method. We mulch heavily with straw and grass clippings throughout the growing season, pulling back mulch just enough to plant. Yes, we do incorporate natural fertilizers at planting time and several times throughout the summer. In the fall we mulch leaves and add them to the garden. Weeding becomes a snap, the earthworms and microbes are very happy and undisturbed, soil erosion does not occur, and the plants are healthier.

Hardneck Spanish Roja and German Red garlic will arrive by early October. Also arriving at the same time are Holland Red shallots, all best planted mid October. Mice and other rodents are now looking for comfortable homes for the winter. We hear of excellent results using Mouse Magic in tight quarters such as lawn tractors, car engines, etc. Check your home outside for any holes in siding which may be entry points for mice, chipmunks and squirrels. Squirrels have the uncanny ability to run across utility wires or drop from tree branches and will chew delightful holes in soffits or wherever they can to gain entry. Hardware cloth and/or repellents may be necessary at this point.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for our truckload wild bird seed sale Thursday, November 16 through Saturday, November 18. Remember sale starts AFTER the truck arrives here (usually around 1pm) and ends at 3pm Saturday or when we sell out of item(s)-which ever comes first. That's it for now. Happy late summer! Judy Ratta-Harrington